Mesa Verde National Park Self-Guided Tour

Located 30 minutes from Durango, Colorado
Recommend 4-8 hours to explore Mesa Verde
May thru October is the best time to visit

Scenic Tour of Mesa Verde National Park

Tour Overview:

Enjoy a Self-Guided Tour of Mesa Verde National Park starting from Durango, Colorado

View the sites where ancestral puebloan people built and lived in cliff dwellings that are still standing today! This park contains unique puebloan prehistoric surface & cliff dwellings accessed via short walks and viewed from overlooks. These archeological sites are some of the best preserved and notable in the country. Highlights on this tour include: Chapin Mesa, Cliff Palace Loop, Cliff Palace Overlook,Spruce Tree House Overlook, Mesa Top Loop, Far View Site, Sun Point Overlook, Square Tower House and the Archeological Museum.

This is a Self-Guided tour of Mesa Verde National Park and is a great way to experience the park. Mesa Verde is great for all ages & abilities and guaranteed to make everlasting memories.

Tour Itinerary:

Here are a few places we recommend you visit in Mesa Verde National Park.

  • Chaplin Mesa
  • Cliff Palace Overlook
  • Spruce Tree House Overlook
  • Mesa Top Loop
  • Archeological Museum

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What you will see on this Tour

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